Returning the car

Returning the car

Upon expiry of the leasing period the car is to be returned to the place specified by ALD Automotive. Please ensure that the car is clean (both the interior and the exterior), with all accessories and the fuel tank is not empty (indicator is off).

Please check the presence of following items:

  • Keys (including the spare keys) and security system remote;
  • Car alarm and radio codes;
  • Vehicle registration certificate;
  • Properly filled in Service Book and Owner’s manual;
  • Spare wheel or the repair kit, the jack, the standard tool kit;
  • Navigation system CD, if any;
  • Fuel Credit Card.

Upon returning the car’s condition and an acceptance certificate, recording in it damages and missing components, if any, will be signed.

Costs for damages resulting from excessive wear and replacing of missing components will be invoiced to your company.

For further information about car restitution please read vehicle restitution guide

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