Leaving the country

Leaving the country

Prior to the trip: 

• check the validity of the insurance (dates, territory) and obtain additional insurance if required.
You don’t need additional insurance travelling in European Economic Area. Green Card and additional CASCO coverage is required if travelling outside European Economic Area.
• If travelling outside the territory of European Economic Area make sure that you don’t need a letter of attorney certified by a notary.
If you are registered as a user of the vehicle in car’s registration certificate, you don’t need additional letter of attorney to drive the car in European Economic Area. If your name is not registrated as a user of the vehicle in car’s registration certificate, you need additional  letter of attorney from ALD Automotive.
• Check the technical condition of your car (lights, brakes, oil) and take it to the technical inspection or technical maintenance if necessary.
• In winter find out what the rules on tires are in the countries you are going to travel to. In Southern and Central Europe it is forbidden to use studded tires.
• Get acquainted with the traffic rules in the countries you are going to travel to.


NB! To plan your travel you can use Viamichelin that also provides information on traffic rules in various countries.


• in case of a traffic accident, always call the police and, if possible, get a copy of the police report. Photograph the place of accident and the damages, and record contact information of the involved persons;
• in case of technical problems or a traffic accident you can call ALD Automotive Customer Service or  24 Hour Roadside Assistance service. We will arrange assistance through our partners in a particular country. Such services will be invoiced separately.


ALD Automotive Service Card is valid also in Latvia and Lithuania. If the car repair is unavoidable, please contact the nearest authorized dealer’s service station. Repair will be invoiced to the local ALD Automotive.

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