ALD Automotive cars are insured for entire leasing period with CMTPL insurance (compulsory motor third party liability insurance) and CASCO insurance (voluntary motor own damage insurance).

CASCO insurance covers the peril of the traffic accident, natural calamity, vandalism or fire and theft or robbery. Please get acquainted with terms and conditions of CASCO insurance in leasing contract. Motor third party liability insurance is governed by the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act of the Republic of Estonia.

Damaged car shall be repaired by an authorized service provider of the specific make or by any other service providers approved by ALD Automotive.

If you notice your car is damaged or you are involved in an accident, please contact as soon aspossible ALD Automotive Customer Service Phone No + 372 630 8960. 

Please don’t initiate your car repair works without ALD Automotive’s prior consent.

If the car or it’s parts are stolen, please contact immediately police and then as soon as possible ALD Automotive Customer Service.

Never leave car documents in the car and keep the keys in a safe place!



What to do if you are involved in a traffic accident?

  • Keep your calm, evaluate the situation and act in accordance with the traffic and insurance rules; 


  • Call the police if  there are injured or the participants of the accidents don’t agree on the accident circumstances. Police phone No 112; 


  • Call the rescue service, if needed. Emergency phone No 112;


  • If there are no injured and you agree with other participant(s) of the accident on the accident circumstances, please fulfill the form of „Accident report“ You can find the form of „Accident report“ between the covers of your car documents.

  • If it is not possible to drive the car or according to the traffic rules the car may not be used further in traffic, please call 24 Hour Roadside Assistance.


  • After registering the accident with the relevant authorities, please notify ALD Automotive Customer Service.

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