Fuel Card

Fuel Credit Card

  • With Fuel Credit Card issued by ALD Automotive you can purchase fuel, car-related goods (e.g. washing liquid etc.) and pay for services available at petrol stations
  • Invoices on the goods and services will be sent to your company together with the monthly invoice
  • In order to prevent your fuel credit card abuse, always keep the PIN by yourself
  • In case you have forgotten or lost your PIN code, ALD Automotive will issue you a new credit card

If your Fuel card is lost or stolen, please call in working hours (8:30-17:00) immediately to ALD Automotive Customer Service phone No +372 630 8960.

In any other time please inform respective fuel station calling the 24 hour customer service phonenumbers:

Alexela Oil AS – phone no +372 53 077 877

Circle K Eesti AS – phone no +372 675 7777

Eesti Gaas AS - phone no +372 636 2555

Neste Eesti AS – phone no +372 1424

Olerex AS – phone no +372 610 0100


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