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 Name: ALD Automotive Eesti AS
Address: Sõpruse pst. 145, Tallinn, 13425, Eesti
Reg.No: 11094435
VAT No:              EE100950652
Bank and account No:  Luminor Bank AS, EE151700017001153813
Bank and account No: Swedbank AS, EE562200221069579762
Phone: +372 630 8960
E-mail: info.ee@aldautomotive.com


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Siim Sander
Sales Manager
Tel: +372 56 95 3330
E-mail: Siim.Sander@aldautomotive.com 


Horre Vahe
Sales Manager
Tel: +372 58 00 7706
E-mail: Horre.Vahe@aldautomotive.com 



Use contact form or an e-mail: service.ee@aldautomotive.com 

Extra-judicial resolution of consumer disputes

For extra-judicial settlement of disputes, private individuals (consumers) can apply to the Consumer Dispute Committee, an independent collegial decision-making body that, based on a consumer’s application, resolves a dispute between a consumer and a seller or service provider.


Consumer Disputes Committee

Address: Endla 10A, 10142 Tallinn 

Phone: +370 62 01 707

E-mail: avaldus@komisjon.ee
Website: www.komisjon.ee  

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