Replacement vehicle

Replacement vehicle


ALD Automotive provides temporary replacement vehicle where a vehicle is immobilised.

  • Reservations can be made by simple phone call to ALD Automotive’s Driver Services Department,
  • ALD Automotive organises a pick-up point with your nearest short-term vehicle rental company,
  • Your employees simply need to present their services card and driver’s license to take delivery of the replacement vehicle without having to advance any funds.

You have a courtesy vehicle at your disposal at any time should there be a problem with your main vehicle. Short-term hire is entirely paid by ALD Automotive, and you choose the category of courtesy vehicle and level of cover you would like for each contract.


  • You benefit from the preferential rates negotiated by ALD Automotive with its partners,
  • Your staff can get to where they need to go thanks to a nationwide network of approved rental agencies,
  • All costs are covered by ALD Automotive: from booking to invoicing, your employees have nothing to pay and you avoid expense accounts,
  • Insurance and assistance clauses are included in short-term rental contracts.
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