Price list

Premature termination of the contractALD Automotive price list

(valid from 01.12.2018)

Operating lease contract fee* max. 1,5% of the price of the property
Fleet management contract fee free of charge


Contract modification

Contract modification (period/mileage is modified)* 30€
Contract lengthening at the end of the leasing period free of charge
Extension of the payment term 30,00€
Contract transfer to a new lessee (paid by new lessee) 100,00€

Contract transfer to another Baltic country (paid by transferring company,
fee does not include costs related to the procedure)



Modification of the insurance conditions 30,00€
Adding services free of charge
Removing services 30,00€

Any other contract modification (adding accessories,
adding/removingcosts included in the contract etc.)



Premature termination of the contract

according to the contract
general terms


Services provided apart the contract

Service Link 50,00€
Transportation of tires/accessories in Estonia 40,00€
Tire management (seasonal tire change and storage) 80,00€
24 h road assistance (fee does not include costs related to the incident) 30,00€

Road department operations by ALD (fee does not include state tax
and any other fee related procedure)


Replacement vehicle

according to replacement
vehicle price list

Accident management (fee does not include any fees related to the procedure) 65,00€
Interim inspection of the vehicle during contract period* 30,00€

Car auction management (fee does not include auction fees)




Unattested power of attorney free of charge
Notarized power of attorney (fee does not include notary and state tax fee) 30,00€ 
Power of attorney for subleasing the vehicle 20,00€
Fuel card consumption extract free of charge
Replacing the lost or stolen fuel card free of charge
Replacing the lost or stolen service card free of charge
Non standard fleet-related reporting 20,00€
Copy of the service provider invoice 3,00€

Handling of parking fines or penalties (if not paid by the lessee)


Breach of the lessee’s obligations to insure the vehicle
(if insurance is not included in the contract)


Restitution of the vehicle to the possession of the lessor
in case of contract breach



Service fees do not include VAT

*the fee is applicable only if not stated otherwise in Master Lease Agreement

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